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The Sara Editor

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In this topic we will cover the use of the interface of the Sara Editor to define a Sara. For a cursory explanation of the various attributes, see The Elements that make up a Sara or the QuarkXPress documentation. In principle the interface should give you plenty of visual feedback, and the IN and OUT zones let you verify that the Sara is set the way you think it is.


Enabling or Disabling a Zone : Each of the 4 zones (Text, Font, Size and Style) has a checkbox at the top of its border. When it is un-checked, the values set inside that zone are totally ignored and Q++ grays out the controls inside. Note that the text or value that was in the disabled control is saved by Q++. If you ever re-enable a control that value will not need to be re-entered.



The 4 zones are :



Both the Find and Change text zones have an ellipsis button that allows you to insert characters not easily available from your keyboard. The text zone on the Find side has an additional checkbox labeled Ignore Case. This is a standard feature which, when enabled, will when searching for "this" will report a hit when encountering "THIS" or "This".


A combo box allows you to select a font. Only fonts installed on your machine will appear in the list. The Use Above option, when enabled, uses the selected font in the text zone above it, and in the dialog that appears when using its ellipsis button.


Depending on the Windows settings on your PC, you may have to use either a period or a comma to denote decimals.


The checkboxes in the Style zone have 3 states : checked, unchecked, grayed.





Depending on whether they are on the Find or Change side, their interpretation is slightly different. Taking the example of the checkbox associated with the attribute "bold" :


Find + checked : search only for text that has bold as one of its attributes.

Find + unchecked : search only for text that is not bold.

Find + grayed : do not consider the attribute bold when searching.

Change + checked : make the found text all bold.

Change + unchecked : remove bold attribute from all found text.

Change + grayed : leaves the bold attribute of the found text as is.


Note that the attributes at the bottom of the Style zone have either a spinner or a button edit to specify the numerical value of the attribute, when enabled. If disabled, these numerical value are ignored.

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