The Slogans Manager

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The Slogans Manager

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The Slogans Manager is used to view and modify Slogans Sets and Slogans.



The Slogans Manager is composed of 3 parts :


To the left is a TreeView containing the list of all Slogans Sets.


At the top right is the list of Slogans in the currently selected Slogans Set.


At the bottom right is the Slogan Editor, which is used to edit individual Slogans.


At the top right of the list of Slogans, there are 3 buttons; respectively to ADD, DELETE and MODIFY the currently selected Slogan.


To insert or add a Slogan to the list, click on the ADD button, or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + INS.


To remove a Slogan from the list, click on the DELETE button or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + DEL.


To modify or edit a Slogan, click on the MODIFY button, use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+M, or double-click on the Slogan you want to modify.


You can convert a Month and Day set to a Specific Dates set, and vice-versa, or convert either a Month and Day set or a Specific Dates set to a Cyclical set,using the More... button and the Convert sub-menu.


You can also right-click on the list of slogans to display to contextual menu which contains all 3 of the above commands.

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