The Structure of Conditions

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The Structure of Conditions

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The overall structure of a condition in a conditional token is :


AnyTokenRoot Operator RightSide





denotes any valid TokenRoot (ie. a token without braces, LanguageTag and DayValue)


tells Q++ how to compare the value of AnyToken and RightSide. There are 4 different Operators : =, <, >, and ~ (different than)


Can be any value representing either text or numbers. If the result of processing the AnyTokenRoot and the RightSide both represent numbers, then they will be compared as numbers. Otherwise they will be compared as text. It is also possible to use tokens on the right side, but you must use underscores instead of braces (for example: [2zd<_2m_])


When the comparison of the Operator is performed as text, the operators > and < have a special meaning. For more details see Evaluating Conditions.

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