Tokens with surrounding braces

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Tokens with surrounding braces

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If your output file contains tokens that have not been converted, and these tokens appear with the surrounding braces (for example : [a1Mmmm]), this comes from an error that QuarkXPress encountered when trying to perform the token conversions specified by Q++Studio. This is usually not a token error, but rather an error due to the QuarkXPress file(s) used or the parameterization of the internal QuarkXPress.


If the non-converted tokens appear in your output file without the surrounding braces then you should go to the previous topic.


Case 1 : If the corresponding run-time message mentions a color that cannot be found or created, then you are trying to use a color that was defined in one of your GridTemplates, but never actually used. For more information see the topic on colors and Quark.


Case 2 : If the corresponding run-time message mentions an object has an invalid page number, then there is a stray object off any of the pages of the GridTemplate. Remove that object, rescan your grid and regenerate and the problem should have gone.


Case 3 : If the corresponding run-time message are of the following type


trying to put text in non-textbox

first property of object XXX is not 1

caught unknow exception (not always)


then your QuarkXPress file has been damaged and you should re-create it.

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