Use of [mp] token dangerous in aeiouHolidays

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Use of [mp] token dangerous in aeiouHolidays

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Cause : Q++Studio has noticed that you used a Moon token, [mp], inside some of the strings used in either the Holidays (display) or Holidays (multiple) properties of the current DiaryGridLine.


Consequences : This is allowed, but Q++Studio issues a warning because you are now possibly combining 3 layers of recursion. While this poses no problem to Q++Studio, you may have trouble following the course of the recursion in your head, and may get unexpected results.


Solutions :


Edit the problem string : Automatically opens the property editor so you can correct the string that generated this message.


Another solution is to create one single recursive token combining the holidays and moon elements you want to display. This single token will be simpler to grasp.


Note that recursion between Moon and Holidays tokens is not symmetrical. Holidays tokens are not allowed in Moon tokens, while Moon tokens are allowed (with a warning) in holidays tokens. This asymmetry ensures that there is no infinite recursion between Moon and Holidays tokens.

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