Using a older version of the Q++Studio Xtension

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Using a older version of the Q++Studio Xtension

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Background : At the end of 2005, the code of the Xtensions used by Q++Studio to communicate with the internal QuarkXPress was entirely refurbished to remove any dependence upon a database engine, from any of the Quark processes (scanning, generating, ...). This has the immediate advantage that Quark crashes will become even less frequent, and when they happen, it will not be necessary to restart Q++Studio anymore. The longer term advantages is that it will allow us to choose a new database for Q++Studio, one that allows for multiple sites to be connected together via the internet, and one that will support Unicode entries natively, when Quark 7 comes out at the end of 2006.


Cause : This message warns you that you are still using the older, pre-2006, version of the Q++Studio Xtensions.


Consequence : You may encounter problems when you try to scan GridTemplates (rare) or generate diaries (mostly). Usually these problems should be limited to the new features that have been added to the xtension, but you should always contact technical support before using the beta version of the Qpp xtension.


Solutions :


Use the new Q++Studio Quark Xtension : Automatically changes your settings so that you are using the new, post-2005, Q++Studio Xtensions described above.


Change QuarkXPress Preferences Manually : Opens the Q++Studio Quark Preferences dialog and lets you do one of the above, manually, as well as set other parameters related to QuarkXPress, such as the locations of the QuarkXPress executable on your PC.

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