Using a reserved character for MoonPhase

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Using a reserved character for MoonPhase

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Cause : This message occurs if one or more of the chacaters that you are using to display moon phases in Moon Options, correspond to one of the 5 following characters : [ ] | { }. These characters are reserved for communication between Q++Studio and QuarkXPress.


Consequences : Diary generation will not be possible until these reserved characters are not selected anymore.


Solutions :


Edit the problem string : opens the Moon Options property editor so you can change the character in question. If you are not sure which of the characters corresponds to one of the 5 reserved character, temporarily change the font used to Arial, for example.


If the characters you need to display moon phases are located at the positions of the reserved characters in that font table, then you can use a tool such as Fontographer to move the characters to other positions.

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