Viewing Messages in QuarkXPress

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Viewing Messages in QuarkXPress

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The Viewing Messages in QuarkXPress debug tool is accessible from the Debug and Diary Generation menu sequence, and it displays the list of messages issued during Diary Generation inside the QuarkXPress output file, showing the exact textbox whose token generated a message.


This tool's use is a visual tool that shows you where in the output file each message originated. Depending on the situation you may prefer a more analytical tool that shows you the messages, the original context and help about the meaning of each message. In that case you should use the Diary Generation Messages List Dialog debug tool instead.


Once QuarkXPress is open, you can move to the exact occurrence of each message by clicking on the message in the Inspect Output File dialog.



The textbox that generated the message is then positioned at the very top left of the QuarkXPress window. This dialog also contains buttons to allow you to zoom in and out, and you can make changes to the QuarkXPress file, while this dialog is up.

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