Viewing Diary Generation Messages in QuarkXPress

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Viewing Diary Generation Messages in QuarkXPress

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If Q++Studio and/or QuarkXPress issues run-time messages while generating a diary, you can view the exact context of each of these messages within the generated output file by clicking on the View Msgs button of the diary generation status window.


Once QuarkXPress is open, you can move to the exact occurrence of each message by clicking on the message in the Inspect Output File dialog.



The textbox that generated the message is then positioned at the very top left of the QuarkXPress window. This dialog also contains buttons to allow you to zoom in and out, and you can make changes to the QuarkXPress file, while this dialog is up.


Note that even after you have closed the diary generation status window, you can still go back and view the messages from the most recent diary generation, using the Debug/Diary Generation/View Messages in Quark menu sequence from the Q++Studio main window.


If there are no messages generated, but the output file is not as expected, see the section on Problems with the Output Files.

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