The Q++ World Clocks Desktop Wallpaper Configuration Program

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You can change the settings used in Q++ World Clocks Desktop Wallpaper with the Configuration Program. Once you launch the configuration program, its main window appears, displaying the list of the currently specified cities/locations for your wallpaper.



At the top of the list, you can specify how many cities will be displayed. Because the size of the cities' names is fixed, the number of cities that can be displayed without any overlap, depends on the screen resolution of your PC. By default, the installation program displays all 55 cities for screen resolutions with a width of 1600 and above, 30 cities for resolutions of 1280 and above, 20 cities for resolutions of 1024 and above, and 10 cities otherwise.


A the bottom of the main window, apart from the usual Help and Exit buttons, there are 2 other buttons:


Use this button to modify the currently selected city. This includes the visual position, name, longitude, latitude, time zone offset, and summer time rules.

Use this button to recreate and install the desktop wallpaper, using the most recent selection of cities, and their properties.


Remember that your wallpaper is not updated when you close the main window; you must click on the Update button for that to happen.

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