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Week Start

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The Week Start GridOption determines which weekday is considered the first day of the week, in the parent DiaryGridLine. Q++ uses this information in many places :


To calculate the start date for daily and weekly DiaryGridLines, if you selected Week Matching in the Begin/End Rules property.


To decide which is the first day of a weekly grid. Some Arabic weeklies start on Saturdays.


To decide which is the first day in a monthly grid with a "backtrack" flow of dates structure. Many American monthlies will start on a Sunday, even though their weeklies start on a Monday.


Note that the Week Start for MiniCalendars is independent of this option. This allows the flexibility needed for some Anglo-Saxon weekly diaries which run from Monday-Sunday, but which have MiniCalendars where the Week Start is Sunday.


If the weekday selected if different from Monday, then additional options appear :




These additional options are useful in the case on monthly grids that backtrack to the first of the month where one cannot tell where each weekday will occur. Usually, with the weekstart set to Mondays, the [sw] tokens contained in such a grid would be converted as follows :




However, when the weekstart is set to a weekday other than Monday (Sunday, for example) then the question arises : should the start of week token [sw] appear on Mondays (the day when the week number changes) or on the weekday specified as the weekstart for the current grid ? The option [sw] is triggered on specified weekday determines if the token [sw] should be appear on Mondays (option OFF) or on the weekday specified by the choice of week start above (option ON).


If the [sw] is to appear on the weekday specified as weekstart (not Monday), then a further question arises : should the weeknumber displayed be the weeknumber of the date of the token (for example Sunday) or should the week number displayed be the week number of the coming week ? The option [sw] uses week number of following Monday, if checked, tells Q++ that the [sw] token should be converted to the week number of the following Monday.


Using the above grid with a Sunday start, the effect of the various combinations of these 2 options is shown below :





Note that the option [sw] is triggered on specified weekday determines on which weekdays the [sw] token appears, but it does not determine the week number that appears (49 in the above example). The value of the [sw] token, when it does appear, is determined by the option [sw] uses week number of following Monday as seen previously.

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