What's New in Q++ Studio ?

This file is based on XE2 Build 17560 of 28-apr-2017.

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What's New in Q++ Studio ?

This file is based on XE2 Build 17560 of 28-apr-2017.

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April 29, 2017 (build 17560)


New and Improved


Q++Studio is compatible with the latest, final release candidate version of QuarkXPress 2017.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed the spurious appearance of message 180975 (Pasted box in wrong place) when using QuarkXPress 2016 and above (Blueline, 28-apr-2017).

Fixed a UI glitch whereby the Initial Conditions editor of the Macros Options dialog would appear slightly off from its normal position (Blueline, 27-apr-2017).

When selecting a specific holiday, to be used for a recurring holiday conflict rule, if the previously-selected holiday rule was in a different Holidays Set than the one currently selected, then the previously-selected holiday would not be pre-selected (19-apr-2017).



March 31, 2017 (build 17477)


New and Improved


Reduced and clarified the number of design-time messages that are displayed when the Quark version of a GridTemplate differs from the version of QuarkXPress currently used and/or the version of QuarkXPress used to scan it the last time.

Added more informative messages when using QuarkXPress versions 8-9-10-2015-2016 and an attribute/feature not available in that version of QuarkXPress.

Q++Studio supports QuarkXPress 2017 whose release, later this year, was announced on March 1st.


Fixed and Corrected


The status indicator for the total number of Sara Hits, and to a lesser extent text overflows, would sometime not be fully updated until the generated output file was saved and QuarkXPress shut itself down (27-mar-2017).

Code which analyzes the list of dashes and stripes in a template could cause an error in QuarkXPress version 7 and older versions of QuarkXPress (Thomson, 16-mar-2017).

The presence of any of the characters {}|= in a SARA could confuse the SARA's processing (12-mar-2017).

Fixed a bug in the generation of PlaceHolder pages under QuarkXPress 2016 and 2017 (Brepols, 10-mar-2017).

Re-scanning and re-inspecting multiple Quark files could set the current script status from "needs saving" to "does not need saving" meaning that you would not be prompted to save your script before closing it (Letts, 7-mar-2017)

Issuing a warning that a template page is totally empty of textboxes would cause an error if the very first page of the very first DiaryGridLine of a script had no textboxes at all (Alpha Edition, 3-mar-2017).



February 28, 2017 (build 17252)


New and Improved


Improved the removal of tags in the Help Preview shown when listing diary generation messages and scanning messages. Each topic title now appears in a consistent manner, and all the spurious blank lines have been removed.

Minicalendars' Week Start can now be set to be any of the days of the week (previously the choice was restricted to Saturday, Sunday, and Monday).

Improved the conditions under which the message Minicalendar contains an unexpected number of @ markers would be generated. This message is no longer generated if the number of @ markers is 37, the minimum number of markers needed in a minicalendar.

Improved the user interface of the Advanced Data Grid used in many parts of Q++Studio. You can now use predefined inline filtering operators, which are available for each different type of displayed column data .

It is now possible to use Outside Days Formatting Options in cases when you are inserting weekly grids with the Month Fit option.


Fixed and Corrected


Tokens embedded in a minicalendar with a WeekStart modifier would use the Week Start option of Grid Options instead of the Week Start option of the Minical Options. This could cause problems if the minicalendars of a template used a different week start than the template itself (Warwick, 15-feb-2017).

After using the Slogans Libraries dialog the Slogans Libraries tables could remain filtered until the next restart of the program (JMata, 5-feb-2017).



January 31, 2017 (build 17129)


New and Improved


Added the possibility of also purging external QuarkXPress preferences.

Improved version of the DLL which connects to the NASA/JPL database for astronomical calculations; • improved positions for Mercury, Uranus and the Praesepe (aka. Beehive) Cluster, • closest approaches are no longer listed on the same day as a lunar occultation occurs, • calculations take into account the leap second of December 31, 2016, • minor fixes to heliacal functions, • new algorithm for the calculation of Delta T, the difference between Universal Time (UT) and Terrestrial Time (TT), based on recently-released research and covering Delta T from 721 BCE to 2016 CE, based on historical observations of eclipses and occultations, as well as a parabolic function extrapolation for epochs beyond this time range.


Fixed and Corrected


Fixed an incorrect warning message that could sometimes be issued if 2 users started Q++Studio at exactly the same time.

Fixed a UI glitch in the message that is displayed if your Preferences are to automatically re-open the last script you worked on, when starting Q++Studio, but someone else is already using that script.

Fixed a few minor (less than 8 bytes) memory leaks in the determination of which constellation an astronomical position corresponds to.



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