Windows Filenames

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Windows Filenames

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Although Windows has accepted long filenames (up to 255 characters), spaces in filenames and accented characters in filenames since Windows 95, many of the software that runs on Windows still has problems with extremely long filenames (over 100 characters) and filenames that contain accented characters and spaces. This is particularly true of QuarkXPress which uses its own operating system on top of Windows and always behaves in non-standard ways.


Therefore, Q++Studio will not accept QuarkXPress filenames which contain characters not in the following list :


a..z , A..Z, 0..9, .(period), :(colon), _(underscore), -(hyphen), #(hash), \(backslash), ~(tilde).


Experience has shown that any other characters may cause problems with QuarkXPress either when moving files back and forth to the Mac, or when used in a Novell network environment. We also suggest that generally you avoid filenames, for any application, that exceed 100 characters and contain spaces or accented characters.

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