Working with Files and Folders

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Working with Files and Folders

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A few tips on working with files and folders in the Windows Explorer :


You can copy, cut, delete and paste folders or files, using the usual keyboard shortcuts (CTRL-C, CTRL-X, DEL, CTRL-V).


You can also copy or move files and folders by selecting them and dragging them with either the left mouse button or the right mouse button. Using the left mouse button will not lead to a confirmation message when you release the mouse button, while the use of the right mouse button will lead to a popup menu asking you if you want to copy, move or cancel. The problem is that if you use the left mouse button, Windows soemwhat arbitrarily decides that you want to copy and sometimes that you want to move. We therefore suggest that you always use the right mouse button to copy/move files using the mouse.


Note that there is a fine line between double-clicking and editing a filename. If you click once on a file it becomes selected. If you click on it again the filename will go into edit mode (ie. you will be able to change its name and extension), unless the second click occurred soon enough to be considered a double-click.

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