Updating the Q++ World Holidays Database (XE2)

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Updating the Q++ World Holidays Database (XE2)

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To update the XE2 version of the Q++ Worldwide Public Holidays Database:


1.Make sure that you have build 15812 of Q++Studio installed. If not, please run the Q++ Main Program Updater.

2.Double-click on the World Holidays Updater desktop shortcut (as shown below).


If you cannot find the above icon on your desktop, you can launch the updater manually from:




Note that the above procedure only needs to be performed once, regardless of the number of workstations at your site.


Finally, remember that applying the Q++ Worldwide Public Holidays Database updater only updates the public holidays located inside the Q++ Samples folder of the Holidays Manager. To update any of the holidays that you may have copied from the Q++ Samples folder, you will need to use the Holidays Synchronization.

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