Updating the Q++ World Holidays Database (XE2)

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Updating the Q++ World Holidays Database (XE2)

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To update the XE2 version of the Q++ Worldwide Public Holidays Database:


1.Make sure that you have build 15812 of Q++Studio installed. If not, please run the Q++ Main Program Updater.

2.Double-click on the World Holidays Updater desktop shortcut (as shown below).


If you cannot find the above icon on your desktop, you can launch the updater manually from:




Contrary to the Q++Studio main program updater, which needs to be run once per workstation, the above Worldwide Public Holidays Updater needs to be run once only, from any workstation, regardless of the number of workstations at your site.


Finally, remember that applying the Q++ Worldwide Public Holidays Database updater only updates the public holidays located inside the Q++ Samples folder of the Holidays Manager. To update any of the holidays that you may have copied from the Q++ Samples folder, you will need to use the Holidays Synchronization.

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