X languages are defined, but some of the GridTemplates use only Y languages

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X languages are defined, but some of the GridTemplates use only Y languages

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Cause : You selected X languages in the Languages property, but Q++Studio noted that at least one of the GridTemplates selected contained tokens requiring fewer languages (Y being smaller than X in this case).


Consequences : Technically there are no consequences. However this could be an indication that you are mixing GridTemplates of different structure (for example a bilingual grid in a trilingual diary).


Solutions :


Edit the List of Languages : Use this solution if the message is due to having too many languages for all GridTemplates of a Script.


At the same time you get the present message you will also get the message "File uses X languages (Y are defined)" :


If the cause of this warning is that there are token errors in the GridTemplate, use that message to open the GridTemplate directly and make modifications to it.


If the cause of this message is that you have selected the wrong GridTemplate, click on that message. This will bring the GridTemplate that caused this message to appear and be selected. You can now edit this propoerty manually and select the correct GridTemplate.


Finally, if you do not wish to see this message again, select Disable Message from the message window's popup menu.

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