Xtags text for 23/30 or 24/31 contains tokens

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Xtags text for 23/30 or 24/31 contains tokens

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Cause : This message occurs if Q++Studio notices that the text used as Xpress Tags for 23/30 and 24/31 combined dates in 5-week minicalendars contains what looks like a token (ie. an opening brace [ followed later by a ] closing brace).


This is only a warning and which does not interfere with further evaluation of the current token and its Xpress Tags text. Due to the codified nature of Xpress Tags, it is possible that a pair of opening and closing braces that is not a token, such as in the example below.



There are 2 possibilities : either the braces come from the definition of the standard style sheet attributes (and you should remove these from your xtags text), or the braces come from another unrelated type of xtags formatting (in which case you can ignore this message).


Consequences : This message informs you that any tokens that are found inside the Xpress Tags text will be ignored (ie. these tokens will not be converted). This is one of the rare cases when token recursion does not function seamlessly, although special characters tokens do function as expected within Xpress Tags text.


Solutions :


Edit Minical Options : opens the minical options editor so that you can modify the Xtags text used.


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