[â] .. [û] : Holidays Symbols Tokens

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[â] .. [û] : Holidays Symbols Tokens

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This token concatenates the Holidays Symbols, corresponding to the holidays for a given date or range of dates.




Sometimes you may create a GridTemplate which has [â] tokens, but wish for the holidays symbols to only appear in specific cases. You do not need to create a GridTemplate with holidays symbols and one without; you can disable the appearance of holidays symbols, using the corresponding option in the Grid Options property.


Note that the [â] token creates a single string made up of all the different holidays symbols related to holidays that appear on a given date. These are not separated by any space, and you must play with the kerning of the token to adjust their horizontal separation. If you find this too restrictive, you may wish to use the Display Symbol option of the ScriptLine property Holidays (display) to get more control as to the output of holidays symbols.


Finally, the Specific Holidays Sets Modifiers functionality can also be used with Holidays Symbols Tokens.

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