[||] : "Never Delete" Marker Tokens

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[||] : "Never Delete" Marker Tokens

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The Never Delete token is used to instruct Q++Studio that the textbox containing this token, should not be accidentally (ie. caused by the OutsideDays setting of monthly grids). However, voluntary deletions using zap tokens or macro actions override the [||] token.


 Always make sure that the [||] token is the first token of a textbox.


One example of this token's useage would be if a by-line of a monthly grid referred to some dates in the following month. Without a Never Delete token this by-line would be deleted with all the other outside days. Note that this is example is not as common as one might think, since references to dates in the following or preceding months are usually done through MiniCalencar tokens or duration tokens, all of which have mechanisms to refer to other months while keeping a DayValue squarely in the current month.


Another, more interesting, example of the use of Never Delete tokens is in the sample grid below, where it appears that the shading of the textboxes is changed for outside days.



In reality, the GridTemplate corresponding to that sample has white textboxes under the regular textboxes for the DayValues where it is possible that an outside day may occur (ie. DayValues of 1-7 and 29-42). A Never Delete token was placed in each of these white textboxes, so that on outside days when the regular boxes are deleted, the white boxes are revealed.


Finally, note that the present marker token prevents Q++Studio from ever deleting the current textbox. If you wish for more specific control, such as preventing the formatting associated with outside days options from being applied to one or more specific tokens, then you should use the Ignore Outside Days Suffix.

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