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[*] : DayValue Marker Tokens

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DayValue Marker Tokens are used to make clear to Q++Studio which DayValues fall on which pages of a GridTemplate. These tokens never appear in the output file, as they are ignored after scanning.


These are optional tokens, and the conditions under which they may be required are as follows :


There are no [d] or [dd] tokens on a page. Since Q++Studio uses the presence of either of these tokens, when scanning, to guess which DayValues fall on which pages, at run-time the starting date for that page will be undefined, and any other tokens on that page will be evaluated with an undefined date leading to amusing run-time messages such as "No holidays generated for year 4637". To avoid this problem, make sure you place a [1*] token (or whatever DayValue makes sense) on any page which does not contain any [d] or [dd] token. A symptom of this is the appearance of the label "no dates on this page" on some of the Script Preview pages.


There are [d] tokens of DayValue not corresponding to the pages' DayValue. Consider the case of a 7 days on 6 pages grid, where pages 1-5 contained DayValues 1-5 respectively, and the last page, page 6, contained DayValues 6 and 7. Suppose that at the bottom of each page you had a by-line of the form "Week 30, August 2 - August 8". If you used the token combination [Week] [1w], [1Mmmm] [1d] - [7Mmmm] [7d] to obtain this by-line, then Q++Studio would misunderstand the structure of the GridTemplate when it scans it, thinking that days 1 and 7 of the grid are on every page. To avoid this problem, in this example, you would insert a [1*] token on page 1, a [2*] token on page 2, ..., and both a [6*] and a [7*] token on page 6. Doing this tells Q++Studio not to guess the DayValues on each page, and to use the DayValue Marker tokens you have provided.


You do not need to set DayValue Marker tokens for every page; only for pages where the DayValues contained could be ambiguous to Q++Studio as it tries to guess the GridTemplate's structure.

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