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Insert First Page

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Property of the ScriptLine : Inserts.


This property is closely linked to the property Insert Occurences.


They are often used to insert a "re-order" sheet in the middle of an organizer-style diary.


By default, Q++Studio will not split a weekly/monthly multi-page grid to insert the pages related to an Insert ScriptLine. The related property Insert Occurence determines whether inserted pages will be inserted before/after the current complete grid. For example, in a 2 page weekly, even if the insertion date is on the second page of the grid, selecting "before" will insert pages before the first page of the grid.


By default, this property is set to Left Side.


When you set "Insert First Page" to Right Side, Q++Studio will insert pages starting on the right side; in the above example it would be in the middle of the 2 pages that make up a week. When you set this property to Right Side, you must be very careful that Q++Studio can unambiguously determine which DayValues belong to which pages of your GridTemplate (usually by the use of DayValue Marker Tokens).


If you are having problems with inserted pages not appearing, due to sidedness considerations, you can use the Ignore Sidedness property to ensure that inserts are placed exactly as you wish.

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