Copying Recurring Holidays between Holidays Sets

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Copying Recurring Holidays between Holidays Sets

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To create special holidays sets where many of the holiday rules are the same or similar to the ones in an existing holidays set, you can copy existing holidays rules into another holidays set:


1.Open the Holidays Manager.

2.Select the holidays set into which you want the copied holidays rules to be inserted.

3.Select the Recurring Holidays tab.

4.Use the More... button, and then the Copy Holidays From menu item.

A dialog appears which allows you to copy one or more holidays rules.



On the left is a TreeView containing all the holidays sets. On the right is a list of recurring holidays contained in the holidays set selected on the left.


Use the "Recurse Subsets" option to list the holidays rules of the selected holidays set and all its subsets. This is useful to be able to copy holidays rules from different holidays sets (if you wish to copy holidays from the COUNTRIES folder, you must use Recurse Subsets). You can select many holidays rules by holding the CTRL key while clicking.


When copying recurring holidays from one set to the other make sure you tell Q++Studio how Holidays Symbols should be copied over. The RadioGroup at the bottom left of the dialog lets you choose to copy none of the holidays symbols (the default setting), or use those of the holiday being copied (ie. a perfect copy, only useful if you are copying within the same holidays set or a subset), or set the same holidays symbols for all holidays being copied over.



If you want to make a duplicate of all, or most, of the holidays rules of a holidays set :


Select the holidays set you wish to copy


Un-select the "recurse subsets" option


Click on the SELECT ALL button.


Click on the OK button to confirm that you wish to copy all the selected recurring holidays into the holidays set selected in the Holidays Manager.

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