Embedded Tokens Based on Week Start

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Embedded Tokens Based on Week Start

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By default, when a token is embedded inside a minicalendar textbox (ie. it is placed after the Minicalendar Marker), then that token is evaluated as if the DayValue 1 corresponded to the 1st day of the month of the minicalendar.


If you wish the tokens that follow the minicalendar marker to be based on DayValue 1 corresponding to the beginning of the week containing the 1st of the month, then you should add the :ws minicalendar modifier. This modifier is mostly used when you need to build a minicalendar brick-by-brick, as shown below, because you need to use attributes that cannot be displayed using Minicalendar Options (in the example below we wanted to make the current week stand out by adding a space before and a space after its paragraph).




If you use this modifier, don't forget to use a DayValue of 8 for all the tokens that occur after the minicalendar marker, otherwise the tokens will refer to the previous month.


Note that the default behaviour of embedded tokens described at the beginning of this topic, is a bit of a fudge as minicalendars are usually structured as mini monthly grids whose first date of spread property was set to the week of the 1st, and not the 1st of the month. Without realizing it, most users use this feature every time they design a minicalendar where tokens such as [Mmmm] follow the Minicalendar Marker, instead of using [8Mmmm] and other tokens based on DayValue 8 to ensure that the date is within the current month.


See also : Embedded Tokens DayValue.

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