[img_a] .. [img_u] : Holidays Image Tokens

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[img_a] .. [img_u] : Holidays Image Tokens

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These tokens function similarly to the concatenated holidays tokens [Fa]..[Fu], with the difference that :


Instead of displaying the holiday name, this token causes the textbox which contains it to be replaced by a picture box containing the associated graphic for that holiday occurence.

As a consequence, these tokens are never concatenated, since there can only be one image per picture box. If there are 2 holidays occurences with associated graphics, then Q++Studio will generate a run-time message.


Note that if no graphics is associated with the current occurence of a holiday, then the textbox is not converted to a picturebox, and other tokens are not ignored. Make sure you read the section on Image Tokens, as image tokens have some important specificities.

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