Individual Dates

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Individual Dates

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The Font options of the Current Week MiniCalendar options to change the font attributes of individual dates of standard MiniCalendar tokens such as [mc+00].


How attributes are set, and their effect is the same as for all other MiniCalendar Font Options. What is specific to the current week options are the options All dates of spread and Even outside days determine the range of dates to which the above attributes apply to.


Checking the All dates of spread will apply the formatting to all dates of the current spread (ie. the 2 pages facing the reader at any time). In the case of a weekly grid, this could be a period of 2 weeks, in the case of a 2 weeks on 2 pages diary, or on the contrary only 4 or 3 days in the case of a week on 4 pages (mon-thu on 2 pages and fri-sun on the next 2 pages).




Checking Even outside days determines if the selected attributes (color, bold, ...) are also applied to any outside days which may be part of the current week or current spread selection of dates. In the examples below, the left sample uses Even outside days, while the right sample does not.




Note : the Even outside days setting only determines if the attributes will be applied to the outside days, but it is the Outside days set of properties which determine if a given outside day will appear or not.


The Current Week group of options has an additional set of options : Current w# Style and Other w# Style. This corresponds to the w# subtoken. Clicking on the corresponding button brings up a dialog which allows you to set text attributes for the week numbers, or to hide them.



Since weeks do not fit exactly into months, there is often part of the current week in the previous or next month (ie. in the "Others" MiniCalendars). You can therefore set 4 different styles for week numbers : one for the current week of the Current MiniCalendar, one for the non-current week of the Current MiniCalendar, and the same again for Other MiniCalendars. Clearly one could go overboard with these options.


Apply to weeks of all visible dates of spread : sometimes, in a daily diary, you have 2 minicals, one on the left page for the current month [1mc+00] and one on the right page for the following month [1mc+01], and a change of month occurs between the left and right pages :



If you wish for both weeks (in the example above, the one until Sunday 31/8 and the one starting on Monday 1/9) to have some specific formatting,




you should use the Apply to weeks of all visible dates of spread option (making sure that this option is set for Minicals (others)).


The Apply to weeks of all visible dates of spread option can also be set to show or hide Weekly Bands Minicals (click here to see how).

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