Input Variables

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Input Variables

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In the Input Variables section of the Initial Conditions tab of the Macros Property Editor,



you can set the values the variables found in the input section of the macro selected in the Source Code tab of the Macros Property Editor.



The macro from which is extracted the above screenshot, calculates all the holidays from year nFirstYear for nNumYears for the HolidaysList sCurHolList. Using input variable allows you to reuse the same macro with different begin/end dates and for different HolidaysLists, without modifying the original macro. This is not only a time savings for the person writing macros, but it also allows users who do not feel comfortable writing macros, to use them under varied initial conditions.


Note :


Whenever you change one of the input values, you must click on the green check button to confirm the change.


Since dates are represented as integers, you can use the button with a small calendar to select a date as input value of an integer variable.

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