[MonthHeaderX] : Adapting to Month/Year Changes

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[MonthHeaderX] : Adapting to Month/Year Changes

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The [MonthHeaderX] tokens are used to display month and date information that varies depending on whether a change of month or year occurs on a page or acros a 2 page spread. The value of X can range from 1 to 4 and the tokens [Monthheader] and [MonthHeader1] are equivalent


A typical example is presented below; the information displayed in the page header varies significantly depending on whether there is a change of month or year across the 2 pages.


Week of December 27 to January 2


Week of January 3 to January 9


Week of January 31 to February 6


Until June 2002, the only solution to this challenge was to either use multiple textboxes with differing zap tokens, or, for the more complex cases, to create a macro.


Now, using the [MonthHeaderX] tokens, the above examples are easy to produce. Simply place a [MonthHeaderX] token in your GridTemplate :



and set its associated GridOptions settings :



Note that the DayValue used in the Month Header tokens is not important; that information is managed in the GridOptions.

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