Opening a Script (from the Q++Studio Main Window)

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Opening a Script (from the Q++Studio Main Window)

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To open existing Script, you can bring up the Open Script dialog (which we will cover here) or you can use the all-purpose Scripts Explorer. If the Script you wish to open was one of the ones you recently opened, you can use the MRU Scripts menu.


To bring up the Open Script dialog, use the Scripts|Open menu item, or corresponding shortcut.


The Open Script dialog is made up of 2 main parts. At the top of the dialog is an edit box with 2 buttons.


One allows you to use a drop-down list of all the directories on your local drive to change directories.


The other opens a Select Directory dialog which allows you to search for directories on any drive, as well as create new directories.


Occupying most of the dialog's surface, is a list of all the scripts in that directory. When it appears, the Open Script dialog's directory is set to the directory of the script you last used. Similarly the scripts are listed in reverse chronological order, based on the date the script was "Last Used".


You can click on the list's header to also reorder the list of scripts according to "Script Name", "Template Name", "Language", "Year" and "Date Modified".


Clicking on the same column header a second time (not double-clicking) toggles the sorting order, changing it, for example, from an A-Z sort of scripts' names to a Z-A sort.

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