QuarkXPress crashes while Generating Pages

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QuarkXPress crashes while Generating Pages

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The issues discussed below, are issues that arise during the stage of diary generation where QuarkXPress makes copies of the various GridTemplates and Plain Quark Files, after generating p-Code and before replacing the tokens contained in these pages.


Usually this happens just after the QuarkXPress splash screen appears, and QuarkXPress displays a small message dialog that says : "Caught Unknown Exception - Aborting".


The causes can be varied, and sometimes hard to reproduce, but the main ones are:


Overly Complex Quark Files: One or more of the QuarkXPress files used in the script is overly complex (too many, or conflicting, style sheets, too many master pages, ...). To address this issue, remember that simple is beautiful; remove unnecessary style sheets and master pages. Ideally, a GridTemplate should have no master pages and no style sheets, as the tokenized GridTemplate is in effect the master pages as Q++Studio sees it, and each token's attributes can be considered as its unique style sheet.


Corrupted Quark Files: One of the QuarkXPress files used in the script is corrupted. To address this issue, you should create a blank QuarkXPress file of the same size as that of the QuarkXPress file used in your script, and then copy and paste elements of each of the QuarkXPress pages, one page at the time. This is described in detail in the topic Creating a clean copy of a QuarkXPress file.


As usual, when encountering a Quark crash, you should contact technical support and send them the script using the Technical Support Module.

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