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Property of the ScriptLine : DiaryGridLines and BookFormat (where it is called Global Saras).


Use this property to associate a SaraSet with each DiaryGridLine, and/or with the BookFormat ScriptLine.


Select a SaraSet using the Current SaraSet option. Confirm your choice using the OK button, or remove any SaraSet from the current ScriptLine using the No Saras button.


The Saras property editor allows you to edit Saras for the SaraSet you wish to use. Note, however that you are editing live Saras and SaraSets shared by everyone. While this may be relatively obvious, one common trap is to change the activated status of the Saras in the selected SaraSet (the checkbox near each Sara). This will activate/deactivate these Saras in the database shared by everyone.


Q++Studio will ask you to confirm any modification made when you close the property editor. If you do not confirm, the SaraSet used to generate your diary will be the un-modified one.


See also: Saras applied to a Diary Output File.

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