Seasons, Solstices and Equinoxes Display Options

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Seasons, Solstices and Equinoxes Display Options

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The beginning of a new season or the occurrence of a solstice or equinox can be displayed using seasons tokens and Solstices and Equinoxes Tokens. The Seasons tab of the Moon and Sun Options property is used to specify how the times and names of the seasons and solstices and equinoxes should be displayed.


The times can be displayed using the following options :



The format in which to display the times obtained. A few pre-formatted selections are available, and you can create your own. This formatting is described in the topic Time Formatting. You should generally avoid using any formatting string that contains characters that refer to Windows global variables, since these can change on each workstation.

Round to Nearest Minute

Use this option to round off times to the nearest minute. For example, suppose we had the 2 following times : 07:33:13 and 17:24:43. With this option turned OFF, these times would be displayed as 07:33 and 17:24. However, if this option is turned ON, then these 2 times would be displayed as 07:33 and 17:24 (note how the 17:24 was rounded up to 17:25).


This setting lets you specify that minutes should be displayed with different attributes than the original token (hence than the hours). Usually this setting is used to display the minutes in a smaller size font than the hours.

If no time, display

Most days there is no season starting nor any solstice or equinox occurring. This option allows you to specify what text to use to replace the time tokens [set] and [sot] on those days.


Sample output showing the effect of the format selected above on a time before noon and a time after noon.



Furthermore, you can specify the font to use to display a specific symbol to identify each event and the name that it should have in specific diaries.



You can also use tokens that correspond to the seasons' names in the editors above.

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