Selecting a Template in the Templates Manager

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Selecting a Template in the Templates Manager

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There are 2 ways to select a Template, in the Q++Studio Templates Manager.


You can sort the list of Templates by clicking on the column headers corresponding to each of the displayed fields. A small triangle indicates which column is currently used to sort the list and whether the sort is ascending or descending.



Note that the sort order understands the information displayed and does not simply sort alphabetically. So in the above example, the list of Templates sorted by structure will display daily diaries, then weeklies, then monthlies, and finally yearlies.


You can also have Q++Studio search for a Template according to the value of one of the displayed fields.



Select the field in whose values you want to search, then type text to search for, and decide if the search should be case sensitive. Click on the leftmost button (the one with the magnifying glass) of the search for button edit box to search for the first Template matching the search criteria, and on the second button (the one with the ellipsis) to continue the search once a matching Template has been found.

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