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Template Colors

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When you select a color to use in MiniCalendar Options, Saras or Macros, you are presented with a dialog containing colors of the current GridTemplate, as well as 3 generic colors "Main Color", "Color 2" and "Color 3".


This GridOption is where the values of these 3 colors are set, for the current DiaryGridLine. It is good practice to use these 3 generic colors instead of specific colors.


There are 2 reasons for this :


The first reason is that Saras and Macros may be used for many GridTemplates and using these 3 generic colors allows you to reuse Saras and Macros. For example you may have a Macro which shades holidays in a different color. If you set the color for holidays to "Color 2", for example, you can then re-use the same Macro for Grid Templates where the second color is red, or blue, or any color.


The second reason is that when you create a new color in QuarkXPress, it does not recognize an existing color unless you give it the internal ID it used to create the color in the first place. When you use the Template Colors, you are assured that Q++Studio will use the internal QuarkXPress color ID when it sends QuarkXPress a color command. Otherwise, each color command would result in the addition of "New Color 1", "New Color 2", ... in the output file.

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