Update Missing Quark Files

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Update Missing Quark Files

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This menu item, located on the Scripts Menu lets you update all the QxdFiles and GridTemplates paths of the current script. This is particularly useful if you have moved all the Quark files related to a particular job to a new folder.


When you launch this feature, Q++Studio will display a progress dialog as it goes through each line of the current script and updates any QxdFiles and GridTemplates paths that are not valid anymore. If you need to cancel the search, just press the CANCEL button and wait a few seconds until the update of the current ScriptLine is finished.



When the update process is completed, a dialog appears informing you of the number of paths that could not be updated and the reason why.



Some important points to note :


Q++Studio will search the folders and sub-folders selected in your Paths Preferences. Usually this should be Q:\Q++ServerXE2\QxdFiles\.


If more than one file exists with the correct QXD name, but in different sub-folders of the starting search folder, then no update will be attempted. You should then click on the remaining design-time message and let Q++Studio update each ScriptLine manually.


In any event, if some paths could not be updated, then you should go back to the Messages Window and address each missing path message individually, using the Update original GridTemplate's Path proposed solution, instead of letting Q++Studio automatically try to update all missing paths.


See also: Updating the path to a single QuarkXPress file.

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