Dates (variable)

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Dates (variable)

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Property of the ScriptLine : Inserts.


Use this property to set complex rules for the occurrence of Inserts.


The Variable Dates property has exactly the same structure as the a-e-i-o-u-Holidays, and is a list of Holidays Sets. This affords you the flexibility and power of holidays rules.


One might ask why have the Specific Dates and Repeating Dates properties, when both of these types of dates can easily be done using holiday rules. Isn't that redundant ? The answer is : yes. As often in Q++Studio, there are many ways of doing something. In this particular case, it was felt that, if possible, it was better to use repeating, or specific dates (in that order) rather than bringing in the heavy artillery of holidays rules.


The two main arguments for this are :


While holidays rules have all the power you need, they are also more effort. You have to create a Holidays Set, then some holidays rules, and finally re-generate the holidays table. Clearly, this is an overkill, if you just need a single insert at the end of October to remind the diary user that it is time to order a new diary.


Also, by placing the insertion dates in the holidays table, you are dissociating this information from the script that is using it. Of course, if many of your diaries use the same insertion dates, then it does make sense to go through the initial effort of placing these dates in a Holidays Set.


For the above reasons, we usually recommend using Variable Dates in an Insert, only as a last resort.

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