Week Number Headers

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Week Number Headers

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The Week Number Headers options, located at the top left of the Minicalendar properties dialog, let you specify how week numbers are displayed.



At the top of this options zone are 3 button edit controls that let you specify the font attributes of the week numbers, depending on whether each week number corresponds to the current week (Cur.), a fully outside week (FO) or any other week (Oth.).


Some points to note :


Since one of the font attributes options is to hide the text, these options can be used to hide certain week numbers, such as week numbers that correspond to fully outside weeks.


The settings for fully outside weeks, here, only apply to the week numbers (the w# marker); to specify the appearence of dates inside fully outside week you should use the outside dates options.


The 2 digit w# setting determines if week numbers are displayed as 1,2,3,4, ..., 53 (option turned off) or 01,02,03,04, ... , 53 (option turned on.


If the minicalendar's weekstart is set to another value than Monday, then additional options appear :



The week numbers follow particular rules, if you choose to start the week on Saturday or Sunday. Usually you will want to use the Week # of next Monday option to ensure that the week number displayed is that of the majority of the week and not the week number of the Saturday or Sunday. For a more detailed discussion of these settings, see the topic on the minicals weekstart option.

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