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Conversion result contains NULL characters !

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This message occurs if the conversion of a token contains the null character and the break on null generation option is turned on (which it is by default).


This is usually the sign that there are spurious non-visible characters in one of the tokens that allow some free text (filled tokens, padded tokens, conditional tokens and holidays response tokens), or in filler tokens, and for which the messages 179135, 179140 or 179145, are never generated.


The occurrence of a spurious null character is treated differently, and more strictly, than that of other spurious non-visible characters because the result of token conversions is passed to QuarkXPress whose parsing code is written in C++ which relies on the null character to determine if a run of text is over or not, leading to incomprehensible errors.


You should go back to your QuarkXPress template and look at the token which is mentioned in the present message to ensure that it does not contain any spurious non-visible characters, such as the null character.


Topic 178970, last updated on 18-May-2023