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Could not find token: general

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This diary generation message is the general case of Q++Studio telling QuarkXPress to replace a token/text with some replacement text, and finding out that that token/text is not in the textbox where it should be.


If the text looks weird (eg. "**MOON**"), then it is one of the tokens used internally by Q++Studio for recursion, see could not find token (special).


Some possible causes for this message:


If the token/text mentioned in this message is familiar to you (ie. you know it is somewhere in the GridTemplate), then check if it is inside a linked textbox. If it is inside a linked textbox then you should re-scan the GridTemplate with a version of Q++Studio from after build 9898 of February 16, 2003.

Make sure that the token is not in a textbox which is part of a master page.


Otherwise you should contact technical support.


Topic 108508, last updated on 19-May-2023