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Error moving/deleting box on layer to base layer !

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This DTP processing message is generated if QuarkXPress, while iterating through all the objects of a file being used as part of diary generation, encounters an object which cannot be moved to the base (default) layer, or deleted, as per either of the Remove GridTemplate Layers or Remove OPF Layers and/or Ignore Invisible Layers Diary Generation Options settings.


This message may often appear in conjunction with the message error when trying to remove layer from seed template in which case the cause of the problem is most likely that some of the objects on the layer are locked, or the layer itself is locked (in which case the scanning message template contains locked layers would also have occurred during scanning).


If the problem remains, please send the script to technical support, being sure to mention the error message ID listed at the bottom of this topic.


Topic 179360, last updated on 19-May-2023