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Finding a Holiday Rule

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You can search for a specific recurring holiday, using either its unique internal ID, or its name, using part of its name.


From inside the holidays manager, click on the Find button located on the holidays sets toolbar, as shown on the right.


The Find Dialog


The Find Dialog then appears, and you can search for a particular holidays set by selecting Holidays Rule, at the top left of the dialog.



Look for


Depending on the option selected for Look for:


If searching for an ID number, then there are no further search settings, as every recurring holiday ID is unique. Although one rarely refers to a holiday by its numerical ID, being able to find a holiday based on its ID is useful when using some macro functions, such as GetNextDateForHolidayId.

You can refine the search by specifying that the search should be case sensitive.




Use the Where setting to narrow-down your search.


The setting Everywhere is obvious; the search looks for recurring holidays inside every holidays set, regardless of its position in the hierarchy. The setting In same folder and below looks for holidays inside every holidays set below the selected set. The setting In same folder only only looks for holidays inside sets within the same folder as the selected set, and the setting Only in current set looks for holidays inside the currently selected holidays set only.



Note that the second and third options are based on the folder of the currently selected set, not necessarily the set itself. So, for example, as is the case in the examples below, if the selected set is not a folder, then the search starts from the parent folder of the currently selected set.




After you click on the Find button, the first holidays set matching the search settings is selected in the tree-view list of holidays sets. If you are searching for part of a name, you can then click on the Find Again button to navigate to the next holidays set which matches the search settings.


See also: finding holidays sets.


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