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str = GetHolSymbolsFromTable()


This macro function returns the symbols of the current holiday in the holidays table.


The current holiday in the holidays table is due to previous calls to functions which move the cursor in the holidays table, such as FindNextHolidayOnDate and GetNextDateForHolidayId.


The macro code below gets the symbols of all the holidays of holidays set nHolSetID on the date of the macro token.

sRESULT = ''
// initialize the holidays table
// find all the holidays of set nHolSetID
while FindNextHolidayOnDate(n_TokenDate, nHolSetID)
   sCurHolText = GetHolTextFromTable()
   sCurHolSymbols = GetHolSymbolsFromTable()
   if sCurHolSymbols <> ''
      sCurHolSymbols = sCurHolSymbols + ' '
   sRESULT = sRESULT + sCurHolSymbols + sCurHolText + chr(13)

Note that when you make a call to GetHolSymbolsFromTable, and there is at least one holidays symbol for the current holiday, you are assured that the symbols at the beginning of sRESULT will be in the symbol font of the holidays set, as in the example above. Code is generated to ensure that the result of this call will be changed to the appropriate font, that is the symbol font of the current holidays set, in the output file.


See also: GetHolIdFromTable, GetHolTextFromTable, GetHolNameFromTable.


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