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Holidays Sets

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Holidays Sets are containers for the 4 following types of data:


Recurring Holidays

Rules for the dates of events that are recurrent (ie. come back, usually, every year). Examples are: Christmas (every year on December 25) aor Good Friday (2 days before Easter). Recurring holidays are often referred to, simply, as holidays.

One-Time Dates

Dates of events that will occur once only. Examples are "300 days before the year 2000" or "Opening of the XXVth Olympics in Atlanta".

Saints and Namedays

Based on the Catholic saints, or northern European namedays, where every day of the year is associated with one of more names. For example July 12 is Saint Olivier.

Saints/Namedays Exceptions

These are religious one time dates. They are used to place religious holidays along with or in the place of the current date's saint/nameday. For example you might want to show the day's saint every day except on major religious holidays such as Easter. You would then use Easter as a Saints/Namedays Exception.


Properties that Require a Holidays Set


Holidays Sets are usually combined into holidays lists and used in the following contexts:


Holidays Tokens which can be used in GridTemplates to display any of the 4 types of dates above.

aeiou-Holidays: the script line property which allows you to select which Holidays Sets will be used in a Script.

Another script line property, Holidays (override), allows you to override this selection of Holidays Sets, for each DiaryGridLine.

Holidays (display) and Holidays (multiple) are script line properties which give you control on the way the holidays tokens are displayed.

The script line properties Macros, MiniCalendars, Moon Options, Slogan Rules, and Variable Dates also refer to Holidays Sets, either directly or through the possible use of tokens in one of their options.


Creating or modifying Holidays Sets


Holidays Set are displayed in, and can be created and modified in either the holidays manager or the saints manager.


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