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Holidays (multiple)

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Property of the script line: DiaryGridLines.


The Holidays (multiple) property lets you specify how holidays and one-time-dates are combined when more than one occurs as the result of converting a token. The tokens that are covered are [fa], [fâ], [â], as well as the Saints+Holiday token [fä].


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The options of this property also apply to holidays duration tokens.

This property does not apply to tokens that only represent one holiday such as [Fa1] Sequential Holiday, and [Fa11] Conditional Holiday).

This property only controls holidays resulting from the processing of a single token. If you need, for example, to insert a bullet • between the results of [1fa] and [1fe], then you can use holidays response tokens.

You can define different behavior for each of the aeiou-Holidays.


This property, and the holidays (display) property are often used together.


See also: saints options, holidays response tokens, and examples of the use of the Holidays (display/multiple) properties.


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