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Saints/Namedays are viewed, generated and modified in the Saints/Namedays tab of the saints and namedays manager.


Generating Saints/Namedays



list of saints of a holidays set for which saints were not yet generated

list of saints of a holidays set for which saints were not yet generated


Because most holidays set contain no saints or namedays, the list of all 366 saints/namedays positions is not generated by default, for each holidays set, to keep the database small and avoid excessive network traffic. If a Saints/Namedays list has never been generated for the current holidays set, then the list of saints/namedays will be empty, as in the image above.


To generate the list of saints/namedays for the currently-selected holidays set, use the Generate menu option of the More tool button, as shown on the right.


A month toolbar at the top allows you to easily navigate the list, and a record toolbar at the left contains 3 buttons which respectively let you modify the current Saint/Nameday, save changes and cancel changes. To the right of the record toolbar is a panel displaying the status of the list.


The List of Saints/Namedays




The saints/namedays are listed in 4 columns.


Month and Day

These are generated by Q++Studio and cannot be modified (hence their gray background).


Whether the saint/nameday was a man or woman. You can also specify "none" if the name is not the name of a person, or is the name of more than one person.

Saint's Name

This is the name which will appear in the diary output file as replacement for one of the saints/namedays tokens.


Note that any underscore character "_" (without the quotes) contained in this string will be replaced by a non-breaking space and that a tilde character "~" (without the quotes) contained in this string will be replaced by a normal space.




To move in the list of saints/namedays of the currently-selected holidays set, you can use the scroll-bar, or you can use the Navigator, to jump to a specific month.




As discussed in the generation section, above, saints/namedays are created all at once for all 366 possible cases, and therefore, afterward, you can only modify their values.


To modify one of the saints/namedays:


Select the saint/nameday you wish to modify in the list of saints.


Once the saint/nameday is selected you can start modifying its gender and name directly. The editing toolbar and status indicator will change to reflect the modified state of the current saint/nameday.


Confirm the changes by clicking on the check-mark button, or cancel changes by clicking on the button representing an "x".


Note that:


If you move to another saint/nameday in the list while a saint was being modified, you will be asked if you want to save the current changes.


Similarly, changing tab or closing the saints and namedays manager without saving changes to a currently modified saint/nameday will bring-up a dialog asking if you want to save the current change.


Batch Conversion


You can perform batch operations on all the saints/namedays of the currently selected holidays set, using the All Uppercase or the All Lowercase menu option of the More tool button.


Variable Saints/Namedays


Usually, lists of saints/namedays do not change from one year to the next, but in some cases, a saint/nameday listing might be the same year after year, except for a wholesale change every 5 years or 10 years. To handle such cases, see the topic on variable saints/namedays.


See also: saints/namedays exceptions, saints/namedays options.


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