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[:st_a]..[:st_u] Saints and Namedays Tokens

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Saints/Namedays Tokens display saints/namedays, obtained from the holidays set selected in the saints/namedays property.


The saints/namedays options are then used to specify how saints should be displayed in each DiaryGridLine.


There are 3 variants of this token.


Prefix and saint name


[:st_a]..[:st_u] display the prefix and saint name.


S. Olivier

St George

Sto. Basilio


Prefix only


[:st_â]..[:st_û] display the prefix only.






Name only


[:st_ä]..[:st_ü] display the name only.








The capitalization of the "st" part of the [:st_...] token determines the capitalization of the prefix.


"st" will not change the capitalization of the translation of the tokens [st_prefix] and [saint_prefix] set in the Tokens Manager.

"St" will make the first letter of the prefix uppercase.

"ST" will make the entire prefix uppercase.

In the case of the [:st_a]..[:st_u] tokens (saint with prefix), making the a-u letter uppercase will make the saint name appear in uppercase.


Additional precisions on prefixes


The translation of the prefixes for each language are defined in the tokens manager, for each of the 3 possibilities (male, female and neither).

You can specify a "superscript" part for the [st_prefix] token. So, for example, defining a translation as "S<sup>t" would yield "St" where the "t" in in superscript position.

The "gender" of each saint is defined in the saints and namedays manager.


The saint token used internally by the [fä] token is [:st_a].


See also: saints and namedays, saints/namedays options.


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