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[:ferie_a]..[:ferie_u] Holidays Watermark Tokens

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The Holidays Watermark Token is used to display a watermark word, to indicate that a day contains at least one holiday (it will never appear more than once).




In the example above, the token [1:ferie_a] is replaced by "holiday" if there is at least one holiday from any of the Holidays Sets in a-holidays.


Note that a holiday will only trigger the appearance of the holidays watermark if a given holiday's show holidays watermark property is turned on.


The word "holiday", in the above example, corresponds to the translation set for [:ferie] in the tokens manager, for the language of LanguageTag "a" (remember that the token [1:ferie_a] is the same as [a1:ferie_a]).


This is useful in multilingual diary editions where a language may be associated with each holidays list.


[a1:ferie_a]   [b1:ferie_e]


Use the token's capitalization to display the watermark fully, or partially, in uppercase. For example :


[a1:ferie_a]     -->     holiday

[a1:Ferie_a]     -->     Holiday

 [a1:FERIE_a]     -->     HOLIDAY


As mentioned, you can disable the appearance of holidays watermarks, using the hide watermarks grid options.


Topic 108880, last updated on 01-Aug-2020