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The input Macro Code Section

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The input section of a macro is optional and is where any input variable is declared.


By input variable we mean any variable whose value is supplied in the macros options scriptline property. Other than that, there is no difference between values declared in the input section and variables declared in the var section of a macro.


Variables are declared in the input section, the same way as in the var block.

   sHolList // value supplied by the script macros options
   // checks if there is a holiday on the date of the token
   // in the aeiou-holidays list specified by sHolList
   bRESULT = HolidayOfListOnDate(sHolList, n_TokenDate)

Some remarks.


You do not need to declare the type of the variables, since it is determined by the first letter of the variable name.

Do not use any separators such as commas to separate the variables.

The list of variables can extend onto as many lines as you wish.


See also: macros options, variables and code structure.


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