Invalid Sara page selection string

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Invalid Sara page selection string

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The page selection string of the global saras of the BookFormat ScriptLine is incorrectly formatted.


The allowed format is similar to the format used to specify a range of pages to print in a printer dialog:


Use comas "," to separate individual pages (eg. 1,11,55,65,77,79,82)

Use a hyphen "-" to specify a sequence of pages (eg. 5-12).

Use a trailing hyphen to specify "until the end of the document" (eg. 1- means all pages of the document).


The above 3 formats can be mixed (eg. 1,3,5,7,9-22,77-) but the trailing hyphen, if it is there, must be the very last character of the page selection string.




Edit the Sara used (recommended): Lets you edit the sara so you can select a new color (preferable one of the Templates Colors).

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