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Language uses obsolete Caps Options

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This message is generated if the languages selection of the current script contains a language which still uses the capitalization table, needed while Q++Studio and QuarkXPress did not fully support Unicode (ie. the ANSI version of 1995 to 2007).


Since QuarkXPress 7 and the Unicode version of Q++Studio, the use of such workarounds is no longer needed, and neither are the "fake" fonts used in Capitalization tables. As such, beginning with the XE2 version of Q++Studio, capitalization tables have been dropped.


Capitalization pairs will be ignored, meaning that, depending on the language, many, if not all, uppercase letters will be incorrect.




Edit the List of Languages: Use this solution to select another language, instead of the one being referred to by the present message.

Open the Tokens and Translations Manager: Use this solution to go into the tokens and translations manager and modify the options of the language being referred to by the present message.


Topic 180275, last updated on 24-Jul-2022