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MonthHeader in Backtrack Monthly Grid

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Some MonthHeader options have been set in the GridOptions property, but the current GridTemplate is a backtrack monthly grid.


The reason for this message is that the 42-day month structure of backtrack monthly grids is already complex enough in the simple cases.


But, when dealing with MonthHeaders, we need to also consider the DayValue of the MonthHeader token, the DayValues of the tokens inside the MonthHeader options, and then the DayValues used to determine if there is a change of month and/or year.


This leads to ambiguously defined dates when using MonthHeaders in backtrack monthly grids and is therefore discouraged.




Clear all settings for [MonthHeader]: clears the settings used for the specific MonthHeader token referred to in the message's text. Settings for other MonthHeader tokens are left unchanged.

Open the File: Opens the QuarkXPress file corresponding to the current GridTemplate so you can modify it (by removing the MonthHeader token mentioned in this message, for example).


Topic 187750, last updated on 10-Nov-2023